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Schedule and deploy advertisements, promotions, digital menus, waiting room messages, conference room schedules, emergency messages, inventory totals, digital price tags, leaderboards, and employee communications.

All in real time.

Whatever your digital signage ambitions require, Xibo can provide a solution. Ready to get started? Get your digital signage network functioning today with our entry level package for only $430.

Entry Level Package


1 Android Xibo Media Player and License

1 Year CMS Cloud Hosting

1 Year Premium Support
(Includes setting up CMS and linking Xibo Media player.)

Xibo Digital Signage Solution

What you need.

Xibo Media Player Hardware


A Xibo Media Player is a device that delivers your digital content to your display. Our Xibo Media Players arrive to you ready to plug in and connect to your CMS via wifi or Ethernet connection.

Xibo Software


The Xibo Media Player software lives on your Xibo Media Player Hardware. It listens to the CMS for instructions on what to display or remove from your schedule.

Xibo CMS


Your content management system, is the interface to your digital signage system, and requires a video server. Xibo can be hosted on premise using a local server, or in the cloud with our cloud hosting service.

Open Source Solutions

Xibo is Open Source Digital Signage that can be integrated with third party applications to deliver dynamic, digital signage experiences.

Utilize Free Widgets such as: Calendar, Weather, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Charts, Data Sets, HTML, Currencies, Stocks and more with your Xibo Layouts. Plus, build your own custom widgets and add them to your CMS.


Digital signage advertising and Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is the second-most utilized advertising medium. It’s a proven technology that makes an impact and produces results.

Use your digital signage network to advertise upcoming events, specials and promotions. Xibo Digital Signage gives you all the tools you need to make your display advertising campaign a success!

Digital Signage for Room Scheduling

Room Schedules

Deliver event information to your lobby, banquet hall or conference rooms with Xibo Digital Signage.

Create your own template or let our skilled designers develop your content quickly and easily.

Digital Menus

Digital Menus give merchants the flexibility to change prices and products in real time for a fraction of the cost of reprinting signage and menus.

Use our Xibo products to create menu templates that allow you to manage your menus in real time.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Keep your staff and students informed, engaged and motivated with a digital signage campaign. Messages can be seen on standalone displays or desktops via a screensaver.

There’s no limit to how you can communicate using Xibo!

Digital Signage for Waiting Rooms

Waiting Room Messages

Use digital signage to engage your waiting customers with relevant and interesting topics about your services, specials or industry.

Or, help pass the time with trivia, news, stock info, etc. Xibo Digital Signage makes creating or adding content quick and easy.

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