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Xibo Digital Signage Solution

Xibo Digital Signage Software
is Loaded with Tools and Features

It's the easy, affordable, reliable solution for all of your digital signage needs.
In Windows & Android versions.

As a Value-Add Reseller of Xibo, we simplify the task of launching a dynamic digital signage network.

Value-Added Digital Signage

Value-Added Digital Signage

We offer pre-cofigured media players, US-Based support and full service digital signage services.

Global Community

Global Community

In addition to our stellar customer support, you will have access to a worldwide community of end users.

Xibo for Windows

Xibo for Windows

Xibo for Windows is open-source and always free. Interested? We have pre-configured, ready-to-use Windows Xibo hardware in stock!

Xibo for Android

Xibo for Android

Choose from a one-time license fee, or an annual subscription. Xibo for Android runs on our affordable, pre-configured, ready-to-use Android Xibo hardware!

Digital Signage Partners

Xibo powers digital signage networks worldwide
with over 15832 customers in 165 countries.


Xibo CMS installations


Deployed Displays Worldwide


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As the North American Value Added Partner for Xibo, we have direct access to the Xibo team to request features, assist in custom features and to help troubleshoot any issues.

Xibo Widgets

Utilize Free Widgets such as: Calendar, Weather, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Charts, Data Sets, HTML, Currencies, Stocks and more with your Xibo Layouts. Plus, build your own custom widgets and add them to your CMS.

Calendar Office events & employee communications
Video Uploading your videos for promotions and events
Weather Add a weather widget to your Welcome Displays
Clocks Add a clock to your waiting room signage
Currencies Add a currency ticker to your elevator signage
Data Sets Update your digital menu in real time with a Data Set
Twitter Create fun Twitter walls
RSS Add relevant news in real time to your layout

For a full list of Widgets visit the Xibo Website.

Xibo Feature Comparison
by Operating System

  Xibo, Windows Player Software Xibo, Android Player Software
Schedule Layouts, Priority Schedules
Video (mp4 [h.264])
Video (mpg) x
Video (wmv, avi) x
Images (jpg, png, bmp, gif)
Background Image (jpg)
Flash (swf) x
PowerPoint (ppt) x
Webpage, HTML, RSS
Text, DataSets
Media Stats, Layout Stats
Report Inventory, File Resume
Client Runtime Information Screen
Offline Update via USB Drive x x
Full Compositing (overlapping regions) x
Webpage Transparency x
Video Transparency x
Image Transparency x
Interactive Signage (coming soon) x x
Socket Listener x x
Library Media*
Layout Media**

* Media that exists in the Library is media that you have uploaded into the CMS, such as Video or Image files.
You can access the library at any time and get a clear list of files you have uploaded.

** Some media only exists on a Layout, for example a RSS Ticker or piece of text.

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