Enjoy reliability and easy maintenance with a subscription to
Xibo CMS in the Cloud.
For $60 annually, per player, you avoid the hassle of
maintaining your own server
and leave that responsibility to us.

Keep your focus where it is needed most: on your digital signage content!
Purchase your Xibo Cloud Hosting Subscription today in our Store.
You will be prompted for the necessary information to build
your CMS when you arrive in checkout.

For users who are restricted from using Cloud-based services,
we offer a self-hosted version of the Xibo CMS.

The Xibo Content Management System (CMS)is a PHP/MySQL web application that runs on Windows®, Apple Macintosh® or Linux®.
Please contact us to discuss your self-hosting needs at 702.485.2133
or email at


All Hosting accounts use the tightest security standards and are SSL enabled.


Our servers are backed up off-site and are included in the cost of your annual subscription.